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PARDEE ENTERPRISES INC.’s level of access to excellent materials lets us provide our clients with choices that suit their requirements. Whether it’s for your home’s laminated vanity countertop or commercial granite countertop project, we will have that for you. Here’s a list of what we offer in Williamsport, Pennsylvania:


This product’s surface uses a unique blend of acrylic resins and other natural materials. As such, this can be shaped, cut, and formed to fit a range of designs.


This brand prides itself as a leading producer of decorative surfacing products worldwide. Whether you’re a homeowner or a design professional, their range of offers can fit your needs.


Representing the cutting edge of design, this company offers materials that are thermoformable, easy-to-clean, and hygienic.


Offering a seamless countertop surface, this product comes in a variety of colors. It’s also stain-resistant, watertight, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean.


An affordable option, Formica’s surface is heat resistant and easy to maintain. It resembles natural stone countertops such as marble and granite.


This product features solid surface design choices for homeowners, designers, and architects for aesthetic expression.

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